A single campsite can consist of 2 tents, 2 registered cars and 4 people.  Additional charges beyond this are listed below.

Additional tent -- cost of additional site


Additional car -- $3.00 and must be parked in designated area (this charge is enforced 24
hours a day - ONLY 2 cars allowed per site)


Additional person -- $5.00 and must register at shelter before proceeding to campsite (this charge is enforced for anyone at site after 10:00 pm)


There is a $1.00 fee for all guests that choose to fish in the pond (those not registered as a camper)


*Service fee will not be refunded.


We at Natural Bridge Campground want to make everyone's camping experience the best it can be.  In order to ensure everyone enjoys themselves and fellow-campers are respectful of their neighbors, we have certain guidelines in place we strictly enforce.


RV Camping Near Red River Gorge is a 2 night minimum and holiday weekends are a 3 night minimum.

All campers must register at shelter before setting up site. A car pass is required.                                                   
All visitors must register at shelter before proceeding to site. A car pass is required.
Two registered cars per campsite. Guests will be required to park in visitor lot.

Payment due at time of reservation.

We are a pet-friendly campground.  However, all pets must be leashed at all times when outside (no running loose no matter the size of the dog).  Dogs cannot be left unattended at the campsite unless they are secured in an air-conditioned RV.  Please pick up after your pet and be courteous of other campers by controlling excessive barking.


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Natural Bridge Campground

Natural Bridge Campground
90 L & E Railroad Place

Slade, KY 


About Us

Hikers, campers, rock climbers, fishing and outdoor enthusiasts get ready for your next great adventure! Follow the steps of Daniel Boone, explore the rivers, climb the rocks or relax by the lake at Natural Bridge Campground located in the historic Daniel Boone National Forest at Red River Gorge. The Red River Gorge, Clifty Wilderness, and the Indian Creek area were designated as a National Archaeological District and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2003. Come see why this beautiful place is so admired and revered!


Settled in the heart of the Daniel Boone National Forest and the Red River Gorge, Natural Bridge Campground is the perfect destination for your next outdoor camping trip. With RV Camping, Primitive Camping and Cabin Camping, Natural Bridge Campground can accommodate anyone from the casual weekender to the hardcore enthusiast. The campground gives you a great home-base while you explore the massive expanse of wilderness, trails, mountains, creeks and more!



Are you an animal lover? So are we! The campground is pet-friendly, so don't be afraid to bring your furry friend along with you. What better way for you and your pet to get some exercise than by hiking the beautiful trails surrounding the campground? You don't have to worry about leaving your pet behind while you're off having fun. They will enjoy the campground too!


If you don't bring your own wildlife, there is still plenty to see! With over 60 species of mammals and 100 species of birds, there's no shortage on animals to see! Bobcats, bears, hawks and hummingbirds can all be found in the majestic mix of sandstone, canyons, rivers and lakes. Keep your eyes peeled for venomous snakes as well! The copperhead and timber rattlesnake also make their homes in the Red River Gorge.



Home to an estimated 150 natural rock arches, the Red River Gorge area is one of the most attractive and interesting geological regions in the U.S. The Natural Bridge itself, for which the campground is named, is an incredible rock formation. Made over the course of millions of years (according to geologists), the massive rock arch stretches over 75 feet and reaches 65 feet in height!  It is consistently noted as a top spot for rock climbing and rappelling with jagged cliffs, huge rock formations and natural amphitheaters created by mother nature over the course of time.



If you're scared of heights, don't worry! The Daniel Boone National Forest is home to over 600 miles of hiking trails! There are lakes, rivers and streams to explore as well. Swimming is welcome in all waterways unless otherwise noted. The campground even features its own stocked pond for you to wrestle with the aquatic creatures that lurk beneath the surface. If walking isn't your thing, there are plenty of trails for mountain biking, rivers for paddling and even a skylift to take you up the mountains! See the majestic Red River Gorge from the ground and then with a bird's-eye view. There are almost no limits to what you can discover; you could return year after year and never see it all!

Take Exit 33 off the Mountain Parkway and turn into the rest area. L & E Railroad Place is left and go about 1000 feet and turn right across the bridge and enter Natural Bridge Campground.  Natural Bridge Campground is set less than a 1/2 mile from the Mountain Parkway in Slade, KY and is surrounded by mountains, cliffs, and gorges.  It is a small peaceful campground with sites ranging from primitive to 30amp/50amp and water hook.  In addition, a large grassy field provides ample room for overflow camping for tent and car campers, with a large shelter and electricity.  Many sites are shaded and located next to the Bolin Branch of the Red River.  There is a bathhouse with flush toilets and a shower house for hot showers. 


The campground also features a catch and release fishing pond, free wireless internet access, and a dump station. Firewood, ice and snacks are available at the shelter.  We are pet friendly and our area has much to offer like Hiking, Zip Line and Rock Climbing.  The campground is centrally located to Natural Bridge, the Cliffty Wilderness Area, and the Red River Gorge.  It is located one mile from Natural Bridge State Resort and 3-1/2 miles from the entrance to the Red River Gorge.  The Kentucky Reptile Zoo is located next door. The campground has 35 sites and plenty of open space for primitive camping. It’s centrally located for hiking, rock-climbing, zip-lining, canoeing, fishing, mud-bogging, and much more! 


 The campground is the perfect home-base for all your adventures!   Spend the day exploring and come back and sit around the campfire, fish at the stocked pond, play a game of basketball, volleyball, horseshoes or watch a
 movie! It’s a great place to relax and get away!


Natural Bridge Campground is open seasonally from early April to late October/early November.

The Perfect Campsite In Slade, KY

Give yourself time. Plan your day to start looking for a campsite at least an hour before dark – hopefully two. Fatigued? Drop your pack before searching; opting for the first spot would be less likely.

Render water a priority. Yes, if need be, you can haul water. But the ideal campsite in Slade, Kentucky will have easy access to a lake or a creek. (Camp at least 200 feet from water source at all times.)

Hazard scan. We do not recommend camping beneath dead trees, in flash-flood areas, and where rockfall debris is accumulating.

Given good weather, stay in an area high in the mountains. Cold air collects at the bottoms of the valley, breezy sites have fewer bugs, wind reduces condensation, the view is better, and you'll get sunshine earlier! 

Think: mobilization for the camp. Boulders and fallen trees make decent seats and tables.

Facing the Sun. Pitch your tent door eastwards for morning sun, if circumstances fit.

Be smart. Be sure that your tent is placed on a flat surface where water does not accumulate.

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Debbie Tipton

Owner of Natural Bridge Campground

Pam Hood

General Manager




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