A single campsite can consist of 2 tents, 2 registered cars and 4 people.  Additional charges beyond this are listed below.

Additional tent -- cost of additional site


Additional car -- $3.00 and must be parked in designated area (this charge is enforced 24
hours a day - ONLY 2 cars allowed per site)


Additional person -- $5.00 and must register at shelter before proceeding to campsite (this charge is enforced for anyone at site after 10:00 pm)


There is a $1.00 fee for all guests that choose to fish in the pond (those not registered as a camper)


*Service fee will not be refunded.


We at Natural Bridge Campground want to make everyone's camping experience the best it can be.  In order to ensure everyone enjoys themselves and fellow-campers are respectful of their neighbors, we have certain guidelines in place we strictly enforce.


RV Camping Near Red River Gorge is a 2 night minimum and holiday weekends are a 3 night minimum.

All campers must register at shelter before setting up site. A car pass is required.                                                   
All visitors must register at shelter before proceeding to site. A car pass is required.
Two registered cars per campsite. Guests will be required to park in visitor lot.

Payment due at time of reservation.

We are a pet-friendly campground.  However, all pets must be leashed at all times when outside (no running loose no matter the size of the dog).  Dogs cannot be left unattended at the campsite unless they are secured in an air-conditioned RV.  Please pick up after your pet and be courteous of other campers by controlling excessive barking.


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